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Wisdom is Key Silver Tone Pendant Necklace

Wisdom is Key Silver Tone Pendant Necklace

Keys open doors and allow access to things and areas that were previously unattainable. Keys assist in opening doors of opportunity so goals can be reached. Wearing a key is a reminder that only you hold the key to your success. 


As a necklace, bracelet or earrings, wearing a key helps remind you that every decision is a step closer or a step away from the success you are looking to achieve. Some people wear a key when looking for a new job or career as it helps the wearer find and open doors of opportunity. A wearable key is a popular gift for 18th and 21st birthdays, symbolizing opening doors to a bright future, career success and new possibilities.  


Keys have been used as amulets and talismans all over the world. It is often thought that they can be used to unlock the owner's innermost dreams so they can come true. 


Let your key jewelry be that gentle push you need to make decisions that are in your highest interest, even when it’s challenging.


Remember, only you hold the key to your success.


What's your Key Story?




This "Wisdom is Key” pendant necklace makes a statement about your respect for and commitment to knowledge and understanding.

This necklace is designed with a silver plated snake style chain. The silver chains are made of 925 silver plated copper.

The chain is strong and durable with little oxidation and/or fading and is safe for most skin types.

This necklace also comes with a 2-inch chain extender which allows you to add up to 2 inches to the necklace, depending on where you want it to fall. Scroll to the last photo for a guide on chain length if you are not sure which length you want.

You can choose your chain length to the right of this description in the drop-down menu.


Thank you for choosing One Charm Designs to help you Wear Your Story ~Danielle

  • Variations

    Every piece of jewelry at One Charm Designs is Unique, One of a Kind and Handmade. This means that no two pieces look exactly alike, each has its own unique variations. When your order arrives, it may differ slightly from what you see in the photo, however the main components will be the same.

  • Wear and Care of Your Jewelry

    I strive to create every piece of jewelry with love, care and meaning. I believe that wearing your story is an important part of self-expression. So, in order to extend the life of your jewelry it is recommended that it be taken off at the end of the day, during times of high activity, and while swimming or bathing.

  • Shipping Information

    Standard shipping within the United States:

    * $3.oo shipping fee per order

    * Shipped first class ground

    If you need your order shipped faster or outside the United States, please e-mail me and we will find the best and least expensive method to get your order to you.

  • Refunds and Exchanges

    I work hard to make quality pieces for you and want you to be proud to wear your story.  If you are not happy with your jewelry for any reason or if it was damaged during shipping, please send me an email at and I will work with you to make it right. Thank you!   ~Danielle

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