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Heart With Flowers Silver Tone Pendant Necklace

Heart With Flowers Silver Tone Pendant Necklace

Symbolize - Blossom, Beauty, Harmony and Renewal


Flowers hold a profound spiritual significance, in them we find a spiritual metaphor for our own personal growth and transformation. Just as a bud opens into a vibrant bloom, we too can evolve, letting our inner potential and beauty shine forth.


When we gaze upon a blooming garden, we witness a harmonious symphony of colors, shapes, and scents coming together in perfect balance.

Flowers gently nudge us to appreciate the profound beauty that exists in the simplest of moments and the most ordinary of places, urging us to seek and celebrate the beauty in ourselves and others.


Flowers dance in perfect harmony with the rhythms of nature, and their presence offers us a profound lesson in the art of balance and interconnectedness. This harmony whispers to us, reminding us of our innate connection to all living things and encouraging us to seek balance in our own lives.


Yet, perhaps the most enchanting message that flowers convey is that of renewal. In their seasonal cycle of growth, blossoming, withering, and rebirth, we find a spiritual reflection of our own life journey. They remind us that, just as they return each spring, our souls too possess an enduring capacity for renewal and transformation. It is within this cycle that we discover our own strength and capacity to overcome adversity.


Adorning ourselves with these delicate, nature-crafted pieces serves as a tangible and beautiful reminder of the meanings flowers carry. They become not just accessories but talismans of our spiritual journey. With each blossom, we carry the message of growth, the reminder of inner beauty, the pursuit of harmony, and the promise of renewal close to our hearts. Through flowers, we learn that life's most beautiful moments often occur when we allow ourselves to "blossom" into the fullest expression of our true selves.





This "Flowered Heart” pendant necklace makes a delicate statement. Worn on its own or paired with other necklaces, this heart shaped beauty is a stand out. The tiny flowers nestled into this heart shaped pendant make it a stunningly unique piece of jewelry that will elevate almost any outfit.


This necklace is designed with a silver plated snake style chain. The silver chains are made of 925 silver plated copper.


The chain is strong and durable with little oxidation and/or fading and is safe for most skin types.


Chain is secured with a sturdy, long lasting and easy to use lobster clasp.


Chain Length: 20”

Charm Size: 1.5”


Thank you for choosing One Charm Designs to help you Wear Your Story ~Danielle

  • Variations

    Every piece of jewelry at One Charm Designs is Unique, One of a Kind and Handmade. This means that no two pieces look exactly alike, each has its own unique variations. When your order arrives, it may differ slightly from what you see in the photo, however the main components will be the same.

  • Wear and Care of Your Jewelry

    I strive to create every piece of jewelry with love, care and meaning. I believe that wearing your story is an important part of self-expression. So, in order to extend the life of your jewelry it is recommended that it be taken off at the end of the day, during times of high activity, and while swimming or bathing.

  • Shipping Information

    Standard shipping within the United States:

    * $3.oo shipping fee per order

    * Shipped first class ground

    If you need your order shipped faster or outside the United States, please e-mail me and we will find the best and least expensive method to get your order to you.

  • Refunds and Exchanges

    I work hard to make quality pieces for you and want you to be proud to wear your story.  If you are not happy with your jewelry for any reason or if it was damaged during shipping, please send me an email at and I will work with you to make it right. Thank you!   ~Danielle

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