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Where did the name One Charm Designs come from?

I tend to find meaning in just about everything, so it's no surprise that the name of my jewelry business would have significant meaning to me. In a long ago and far away time (my 20's lol) my friend Jeff and I (along with a few others) were hanging out at my mother's beach house in Maine. We had just purchased the new CD from The Black Crowes (I know... like I said it was a long time ago). We were so excited to sit and listen to the new music from one of our favorite bands. We spent the night talking and listening. We talked about so many things that night; life, love, dreams and just about anything else you could think of. The music from Three Snakes and One Charm was a constant backdrop to our conversation. Jeff had always been an amazing friend to me, one of my favorite people. He had an amazing way of listening and giving advice without making you feel judged. True to form, Jeff set me straight on a few things that night and I have to say that some of those things were life changing for me. Most importantly was the topic of who I was keeping company with. I had been hanging out with a friend who was a whole lot of fun but tended to be less than kind. Jeff pointed this out and he also pointed out what a different person I was when this friend was around (and not in a good way).

If any other person in my life had said this to me, I probably would have just laughed and moved on with my night. Jeff, however, said it with such love and concern for me that I was able to listen, and it was a revelation for me. Jeff gave me a view of myself that I otherwise would not have seen. He showed me that I am enough just the way I am. I will forever be grateful for his wise words and for his unwavering belief in me. To this day, every time I hear a song off the Three Snakes and One Charm album I think of Jeff and the night we listened to that music over and over again while we figured out life (well, as much as a couple of 20-somethings can anyway). We remained friends until a year or so later when Jeff passed away suddenly in a car accident. I was (and still am) gutted by the loss of such an amazing human. I hope everyone has a friend like Jeff at least once in their lifetime. Since his death I have incorporated him into my life in as many meaningful ways as possible, I even named my daughter after him (but that is a story for another day). When it came time to name my jewelry business it seemed like a natural choice to use the title of the album that will forever remind me of Jeff and his belief in me just as I am. So, I took a piece of that title and voila... "One Charm Designs" was born. Now whenever I do anything related to my jewelry making business, Jeff is there front and center cheering me on and reminding me to believe in myself, and for this I am forever thankful.

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