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The Spiritual Meaning of the Sea Turtle

Turtles Symbolize: Luck, Longevity, Peace, Emotional Strength, Wisdom, and Endurance

Turtles are such amazing creatures. It is estimated that out of 1,000 sea turtles hatched, only 1 out of those 1,000 will survive to adulthood. Beating the odds is what being an adult sea turtle is all about, so it is no wonder these amazing creatures symbolize luck, longevity, and endurance. A sea turtle can live over 50 years in the ocean, carrying its world on its back. This means that wherever a sea turtle stops, it is home. There is wisdom in trusting that the tides will take you where you need to go as well as emotional strength and peace in knowing that home is with you always. How do turtles fit into your story or maybe the story of someone you love? I would love to hear about it in the comments.

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