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The Spiritual Meaning of the Sea Glass

Sea glass symbolizes: Renewal, Healing, Transformation, and Personal Growth

Something that was once a used object such as a glass or container is discarded. Upon entering the sea, this object begins the slow process of renewal and healing as it is transformed by being smoothed, refined, softened, and enhanced as it drifts in the ocean currents and tumbles through the sand and surf.

This evolution take time, often 20 to 50 years. Many people equate this process with the process of personal growth, which also takes time as we are smoothed, refined, softened, and transformed by time and experience.

Sea glass color

Each color of sea glass carries its own unique attributes. Taking the meaning associated with sea glass and combining it with the attributes associated with an individual colors can create a powerful story of a life journey taken (or about to be taken) and the attributes that were used or intended to be used to walk that path.

Sea glass colors and the attributes associated with them:

Clear – Universal Healing, Peace, Spirituality, Purity, Sincerity

Green – Abundance, Prosperity, Hope, Growth, Emotional Stability

Blue – Creativity, Self-Expression, Intuition, Peace, Joy, Tranquility

Yellow – Personal Power, Abundance, Courage, Self-Confidence, Wisdom

Pink – Universal Love, Friendship, Harmony, Inner Peace

Brown – Comfort, Nurturing, Safety, Stability, Grounding, Reliability

Purple – Creativity, Wisdom, Dignity, Independence, Clarity, Intuition,

Red – Passion, Power, Strength, Attraction, Attention

Orange – Adventure, Creativity, Inspiration, Joy

Grey – Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom, Balance, Endurance, Focus

Peach – Happiness, Peace, Health, Love, Comfort

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