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The Spiritual Meaning of the Oyster Shells

Oysters Symbolize: Protection, Balance, Peace, Duality, Inner Self

Oysters are animals that stay tightly closed, hiding what it does and protecting itself from those who can see them.

Oysters have learned to live with the changing currents and tides which can teach us about keeping balance in our own lives.

Oysters are quiet and simple creatures that live harmoniously with their surroundings creating a sense of peace in their world.

Oysters are a symbol of duality. They are soft inside but have a hard shell, some see this as showing both masculine and feminine qualities at the same time. Other see the hard and soft as a symbol of respecting one’s inner self by setting firm limits and boundaries.

Sometimes an oyster will even have a hidden treasure locked inside in the form of a pearl. This is proof that "you can't judge an oyster by its shell". Are there qualities of the oyster that fit into your story or the story of someone you love?

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