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The Spiritual Meaning of the Sand Dollar

Sand Dollar Symbolizes - Strength, Flexibility, Freedom, Choosing Your Own Path

Sand dollars are flat burrowing sea urchins that are shades of purple and green. The white sand dollars we are all familiar with are actually the skeleton of the animal that lives in the ocean.

Sand dollars typically live-in large groups on the ocean floor. The strength of their exterior skeleton protects them from the few predators they may encounter in their travels.

Although sand dollars are usually found in groups, they have the flexibility and freedom to pick up and go whenever they feel the need or want for change. Whether this is done as a solo mission, with a few other sand dollars, or as a large group, sand dollars have no problem leaving a situation that no longer suits them.

Because of this sand dollars have come to represent the freedom to choose your own path in life and a symbol of the strength needed to walk away from people, environments and situations that are no longer working for you.

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