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Our Popular
Key Collection

The Key to your heart              The Key to Sucess
The Key to happiness               The Key to life

We alone hold the key to all of these things.  These jewelry pieces are heartfelt reminders that it is up to us to create the lives we want for ourselves.  
Wear a piece to remind yourself along your journey or give as a gift to remind someone you care about that they can do this... whatever it is. 

Yoga Bracelets.png

Coming Soon

Jewelry Collection

Coming Soon

Daisies, Sunflowers, Roses, Snowdrops, Violets, Daffodils, Morning Glories & More. 
How will you wear you wildflower story?

Wear Your Story (1).png

Wear Your Story


People, Places & Events from the Past


Who you are, Where you've been and What you've overcome to be Present now


Goals, Dreams and Intentions for the Future

Untitled design.png



Jewelry Collection

Seashells, Turtles, Mermaids, Sea Horses, Dolphins, Flip Flops & More

How will you wear Your beach story?

Amherst NH


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